Housing Request

Housing Request Form-Students

Housing Request Form-Students

The Office of Alumni Relations is available to assist in finding housing for internships, job shadowing, service projects, graduate school visits, and various other opportunities that students may have.  Once this form is completed, we will contact alumni in your specified area within 5-7 business days.  Although we will try our best to assist you, once initial contact is made, we cannot guarantee that a suitable volunteer will be successfully located.  

Privacy Policy: 

Our privacy policy prohibits using alumni records for commercial, political or solicitation purposes.  Violating this policy can result in forfeiting future access to information.

Before Submitting this Form: 
  • Students must consult with Esther Livingston, Director of Career Internships, or James Atkinson, Director of Career Development, at the Center for Transformative Learning in Draper.  They can help you define your request with the Alumni Office in order for us to better serve you.  Also, they can possibly help you secure an internship or service project or a place to job shadow 
  • Students may not currently be on any sort of probation (academic, labor, or social)

Office Information

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