2013-14 Alumni Relations Schedule 

February, 2014

3--Kula Kusoma Lecture Series, Kiki Ramsey, '02, Carter G. Woodson Center

25--Labor Day, Seabury Center (Student Event)

March, 2014

8--Our Berea, Tucson, AZ

13--Regional Alumni Club Gathering, East Central Florida

19--Career Talk Tweet Up, Hosted by James Atkinson, Twitter #BCcareerTALK, @bereacollege

25--GradFEST, Baird Lounge (Student Event)

25--Mock Interviews (Volunteer for A-Team), Center for Transformative Learning (Event Cancelled)

26--Regional Alumni Club Gathering, Washington, D.C.

29--Regional Alumni Club Gathering, Boulder, CO

April, 2014

7--Kula Kusoma Lecture Series, Nichole Compton, '01, Carter G. Woodson Center

5--Our Berea, Atlanta

19--Regional Alumni Club Gathering, Greenville, SC

23--Senior Celebration, Baird Lounge (Student Event)

26--Regional Alumni Club Gathering, Columbus, OH

May, 2014

3--Senior Grill and Chill, Campus (Student Event)

4--Graduation, Seabury Center 

10--Our Berea, Western North Carolina

June, 2014

10--Alumni Grad School Panel Discussion (Volunteer for A-Team), Woods Penn Commons

13-15--Summer Reunion, Campus
19-21--Summer Connections (First-Year Orientation), Campus (Student Event)

21--Our Berea, Richmond, VA

All events have not been finalized, so check back for details and additional regional club gatherings.

The "Volunteer for A-Team" events are opportunities for alumni to volunteer for the Alumni Team (A-Team), primarily to serve students.
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